Self-developed Game
PlayerOne, unlike other metaverse platforms, is creating its self-develop mini-games in addition to the open world.

Pet Generation

Pets are required for self-developed mini-games, although PlayerOne's pets will not be sold to users, but will be earned through user capture. Pets will be spread around the land, similar to Pokémon games, and users will need to manage their avatars to explore the entire land. As previously said, the more the rarity of the character, the higher the chance of capture, and vice versa.
Users may, of course, catch pets only a certain number of times each day, and the top limit of daily capture times can be extended by staking governance tokens. Characters are also heavily influenced by the production of pets. The more effective the number of visitors to the building, the more pets will be created, and the rarer the generated pets, resulting in more players coming to catch pets, generating a virtuous cycle.

Getting Reward

After the player receives a pet, the pet is developed and bred, and the game token is gained through PVE and PVP battles. Please wait for PlayerOne to make an announcement for further specifics.
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Pet Generation
Getting Reward