Project Overview
While other Metaverse platforms continue to promote Profile Picture(PFP), PlayerOne has already launched a private beta test with targeted invites. The PlayerOne platform is divided into four sections: Creation Tools, Social Scenes, NFT Marketplace, and P2E gameplay.
  • In terms of tools, RoleEditor and SpaceEditor have begun external testing, while VoxelEditor is already in the works;
  • The social scenes already supports space discovery, social action, voice chat, text chat, and other features;
  • The trading market has already supported Opensea, and its own trading platform will be released soon, and PlayerOne also supports the referral rebate system, which is a great experience adopted from digital currency exchanges and may encourage KOLs to promote the PlayerOne platform;
  • Visual scene setting, triggers, and other functionality for P2E gaming have been finished, and multiple P2E games have been produced.
The PlayerOne platform is massive based on the functions that have been developed. Instead of releasing NFT to a large number of users, the PlayerOne team focused on improving the product until all of the above functionalities were accomplished, and then begin to arrange the land sale & whitelist giveaway . It is clear that the PlayerOne team's objective is to build a metaverse platform with an ecosystem closed loop that competes with Sand Box, DCL, and CV, not just a blockchain project that issues currencies. Such blockchain-native projects are uncommon throughout the world.
In addition to the functionalities that have been implemented, you can see what they are presently working on and future ideas, such as PlayerOne Hub and ScriptStore, which should be built on years of expertise in blockchain gaming engines to build an ecological closed loop. Names, Blue Print, Aircraft, and Pets are all included. These are all NFTs inside the PlayerOne ecosystem that contain massive amounts of content, not only land.
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