Gradable Metaverse
One of the most important concerns for the PlayerOne team when creating the platform was that they did not want the land to merely carry a dead structure, but rather that we wanted to give the land energy, hence PlayerOne is the first platform to start a “level-up” metaverse.
World prosperity is a key indication of the PlayerOne Metaverse. Each partition has a distinct prosperity, and the means to get prosperity is dependent on the engagement of community users, such as publishing buildings to Discovery, Big World, and sharing buildings to Twitter; having a lot of user access will improve the partition's prosperity.
The amount of prosperity may be improved by increasing the zoning level, which is separated into Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age. The height of the structures corresponding to each tier varies. That is, the higher the degree of wealth, the higher the top limit of land height that may be built. There is room for more content. A gradable metaverse can be realized as a result of this.
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