PFP Rarity Algorithm
We all know that PFP has rarity, and the fewer NFTs there are, the higher the rarity, but is rarity useful for anything other than collecting? As a result, PlayerOne developed an algorithm called RarityScore, and here is its formula.
  • RarityScore: Rarity
  • bs: sum of base scores
  • vc: sum of component coefficients
  • 11: Maximum number of parts
  • q: natural logarithm of the number of parts
In general, the more components there are, the higher the rarity, but this will have a negative impact on the community, since each character has more and more pieces, thus the characteristic of this formula is that the more parts there are, the slower the growth. Consider a photograph as an example.
Since, as seen in the above graphic, the more pieces there are, the slower the development, PlayerOne does not encourage players to wear everything on their body. Users will not blindly add components in this manner, but will instead match components based on their individual needs.
Going back to the question we started with, what is this score for?

P2E Rewards

PlayerOne allows P2E gameplay in addition to free building development by users. There will be incentives because it is P2E. The massive airdrop hunters is a challenge in the industry that P2E must solve. Web3 users produce one for free, therefore PlayerOne employs RarityScore to address this issue.Players without character can receive P2E rewards, but the proportion is extremely tiny, and the higher the RarityScore value of VoxelRole, the greater the reward weight. As a result, the massive airdrop hunters dilemma is prevented, and the community's interests are better safeguarded. Of course, third-party PFP projects such as Meebits will have RarityScore scores in addition to VoxelRole, and the final community is the common community of PFP Holders.

Pet Catch Rate

The process of acquiring pets in PlayerOne is identical to that of the Pokémon game. Users must manage their characters in order to capture pets in every area of Genesis Land. The higher your RarityScore, the greater your chances of success. Of course, the higher the rarity of the pet, the less likely it is to be successfully captured.

Space Access Incentives

After purchasing land, users may construct a space and publish it on the Genesis Land. Then, based on the number of visits to the location, PlayerOne will provide rewards. For example, the greater the number of space visits, the more pets are born in the vicinity of the space, and the rarer the pets. So, how is space access measured? As the wallet is practically free to make, if it is simply numbered according to each address, there will be tons of malicious reward hunters. As a result, PlayerOne employs RarityScore to address this issue. The more incentives are given according to the higher visits to space that would lead to the higher RarityScore of that player. This is also to avoid issues like CV users faking the data.
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