PlayerOne has yet to announce detailed token plans, but has revealed the entire business model.

Operate to Earn

Since the Metaverse platform requires a large amount of material, users must be incentivised at the economic model level. As long as users who contribute to the platform's operation may get token incentives, PlayerOne has established the Operation to Earn (O2E) model.
  • For example, if a user constructs a building, it will be visited by a large number of individuals. The more successful your trips, the more prizes you will receive
  • For users, you may go to various locations to play certain P2E games, and you can also receive token rewards.
As a result, O2E has become a driving factor for users to continue operating on the property.

Land Rental & Collaborators

When the platform has more and more space, more and more material, and more and more people, a problem occurs. Some individuals are land investors who don't want to spend a lot of work operating the property, while others are good operators who don't have a lot of money to acquire land. As a result, PlayerOne also enables land leasing.
For example, after purchasing the land, we may lease it to others for a set rate, and the lessor can receive operational incentives. In this manner, we obtain a set rent, the renter receives O2E benefits, and both sides profit.
In another case, if we have acquired property but wish to outsource the construction of a building to a third-party construction service provider, we employ the collaborative feature. You simply need to add contributors to the list of collaborators. Of course, the collaborators only have authority to alter structures and not to trade in the form of land.
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Operate to Earn
Land Rental & Collaborators