What is RoleEditor?

The Role Editor is a helpful tool for creating characters that may freely travel throughout PlayerOne Metaverse. You may create your own PlayerOne character by combining various character voxel parts and races.

How to Create or Mint a Character?

  • Go to, go to Create -> VoxelRole and click on the [+] sign.
  • After entering RoleEditor, use the top left menu to start editing voxel parts and voxel races. Players are able to preview actions via the editor.
  • When the item owned is above 0, a highlighted boarder will be shown(easier for players to observe) and the amount of the item will also be shown below the character or item.
  • After selecting a voxel part, the attributes of the part will be shown on the right side. Once completed editing, click on [MINT NOW] to finish up.
  • The system will detect your character's needed parts, such as shirts and pants, which must be worn before joining the game, or the number of parts worn is eligible (5 to 10 parts). When no errors are spotted, the system will proceed, at which point you should click [Mint Now].
  • Connect your wallet, pay the gas fee and finish minting.
  • If a player wishes to continue minting another character, the player has to click on 🔄 to refresh the system.
  • Other function: Click on [Random] to generate a random match of character & parts. [Random Setting] can be used to customize random filters.

Where to Check my Existing Character(s)?

Go back to, click [Create] -> VoxelRole and check out your characters(there might be a min delay). Click on the check box below switching characters.
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What is RoleEditor?
How to Create or Mint a Character?
Where to Check my Existing Character(s)?