Geographical Environment


For about a year, the blockchain metaverse has been evolving, and everyone has gradually identified various issues with land planning, using CV as an example. You may examine the traffic condition in CV land using MetaCat, a third-party metaverse data analysis software.
The more visible the location, the more traffic there is. If you look at the center continent labelled 1, you'll notice that just the most frequented location is the most visited, and the majority of the other areas are uninteresting. So, similar to label 2, CV subsequently launched Satoshi Nakamoto Island, and the island area was substantially decreased, but it still could not solve the problem of no traffic in most locations. CV's plots are comparable to the island type designated 3, allowing for more land to be near to the water, ensuring that the land has a distinct character. As the sea in CV may be increased without causing problems for other landowners, and 100 square meters of land can be expanded to 200 square meters, the present island circulation is improved.
For the above reasons, PlayerOne strives to make each piece of land have its own unique value when doing land design.
  • Mountains: A mountain view room is available on PlayerOne's land. The mountain view room, as the name implies, has an altitude property, and the mountain view room offers a broader view.
  • Rivers: As there are rivers in every part of Genesis Land, there are many river-view accommodations. Furthermore, there are several wharfs on both sides of the river, cruise ships will operate fixed routes across the river, and users may take the cruise ship to experience the customized buildings and landscape on both sides of the river.
  • Lakes: There are several lakes in the Genesis Land. The lake view room has both the convenience of the mainland and the characteristics similar to the sea view room, and even small islands that can be enjoyed exclusively.
  • Islands: Islands have natural scenic advantages and can be expanded to the sea if it does not hinder others.
  • Subway: In addition to the above-mentioned geographical features, there are a large number of subway lines in the city, and subway houses are also good investment targets.
What if, in addition to the aforementioned unique physical environment, there are certain locations that lack mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas? The PlayerOne team established the first community DAO based on Manhattan, New York's community planning.
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