The PlayerOne platform, which presently includes creation tools, social scenes, NFT marketplaces, and P2E gameplay, is designed to allow anybody to construct a metaverse. All PlayerOne products are de


PlayerOne is the world's first multi-chain metaverse sandbox gaming platform, with four key components: production tools, a social scene, NFT trading market, and a Play to Earn gaming system. PlayerOne uses a 3D voxel game style, which reduces the barrier for developers to get started while also improving user experience and sharing methods.


  • Production Tools: RoleEditor, SpaceEditor, VoxelEditor & GameEditor.
  • Cross-platform: Supports all platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux; no client is required.
  • Low entry barriers: The PlayerOne metaverse world may be experienced with a single link, and a personalized place can be built in five minutes.
  • Platform openness: Enable the import of cross-metaverse characters such as 3D NFT characters like Meebits, as well as the creation of new characters by developers.


PlayerOne's Vision:Everyone Can Build Metaverse
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