Team Background
PlayerOne is headquartered in Singapore. The project team includes well-known game engine developers, public chains, and other infrastructure project core members.
The core team of PlayerOne comes from game engines, gaming public chains, currency exchanges, and publicly listed game companies. The team has years of experience in the blockchain sector, in addition to gaming engine and developer community knowledge. As we all know, a truly 3D metaverse platform requires a high level of technology skill. Instead of discussing the Gamefi chain game under the banner of the Metaverse, we will talk about the 3D Metaverse platform with genuine hard power.
Sandbox, Decentraland (hereinafter referred to as DCL), CryptoVoxels (hereinafter referred to as CV), and other metaverse platforms, for example, incorporate NFTs such as land, characters, and props, therefore the metaverse platform requires strong blockchain strength. For many years, the PlayerOne team has been hard at work in developing public chains, so in terms of strength, PlayerOne is more than enough to meet the needs.
The PlayerOne platform demands game scenes in addition to exploration, exhibits, and online activities, and even zero thresholds for creating games through visualization. As a result, strong game engine experience is also required for a Metaverse gaming platform. The primary members of the team are mostly from ex game engine firms, thus this is also fairly simple for the PlayerOne team. Other teams from other firms, on the other hand, face a significant technological challenge. As a result, other teams will require a significant amount of developing time and skill accumulation to catch up to PlayerOne.
Governance tokens are also required because PlayerOne is a blockchain initiative. You cannot build a very effective economic model if you do not have expertise with blockchain projects, and market value management after the token TGE also need years of experience with blockchain initiatives. The PlayerOne team has worked on gaming public chain projects and has actual expertise designing the token's economic architecture.
To summarize, this team has significant technological advantages; in terms of experience, it has worked on well-known blockchain projects. Compound dimensionalize reduction is a hit for other metaverse efforts.

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