How are prop NFTs manufactured? This is where PlayerOne's third tool, VoxelEditor, comes in. The VoxelEditor model has better granularity and can create finer things such as dolls and decorations. After the production is finished, it may be released as an ERC-1155 standard NFT with a single click, and it will then be instantly published to the props shop for other users to buy and use.
Of course, VoxelEditor supports the real-time preview feature, which allows you to rapidly create props by dragging and dropping and see the final effect via the rendering function.
  • Real-time rendering: it enables for the rendering of voxels made by the player as well as the modification of lighting and other aspects.
  • Voxel animation: Allows you to convert voxels to voxel animation and then import them into SpaceEditor for usage.
  • Model shop: Use the model store to swiftly generate your own voxel models.
  • Easy Collaboration: Once produced, it may be instantly submitted to the marketplace for usage by SpaceEditor creators.


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