Community DAO
What if, in addition to the aforementioned unique physical environment, there are certain locations that lack mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas? The PlayerOne team established the first community DAO based on Manhattan, New York's community planning.
The image above depicts Manhattan, New York's community planning. A large number of communities will be surrounded by buildings, but there will be an area in the center that is also a public activity place for everyone.
The map of the Genesis land seen above is from PlayerOne. You'll see that the overall layout is identical to that of Manhattan. So, what is the function of the center area? This is the DAO for the community. Each local community has its own set of DAO tools, including as voting and communication. Users may vote on how to use the garden in the center. It is up to the community DAO whether it is a park or a public facility.
As shown in the image above, the area of the middle garden is nearly equal to the area of the surrounding buildings, implying that the characteristics of this type of building also exist, implying that users have a need to purchase this type of land, and in some cases, users will purchase the entire community to create a cluster of characteristic spaces.
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